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E-Commerce Solution

Why Do You Need An E-Commerce Storefront Solution?

May 06 2022 | By Rod Lowe | Blog

The retail landscape has been in a state of significant change over the last decade, and by all accounts, consumer buying habits have permanently changed. The current uptick in eCommerce is the result of several factors like public health, remote workforce, recent advances in mobile technology, more purchasing choices, and convenience.

Retail has transformed into a 24/7 business and shoppers now demand easy transactions. Businesses are no longer restricted to a single, physical location or sales channel. With an eCommerce solution, you gain the ability to generate revenue by meeting new and existing customers anywhere they happen to be.

Creating this solution means partnering with a technology provider that understands the B2C and B2B environments. Selling online is more than a website, it’s about knowing who your customers and monitoring their buying patterns.

Measurable Results

One significant advantage of e-commerce over brick and mortar is that you can track exactly who visits your stores, what channel they found you from, and what they purchase. By monitoring customer actions from interest through fulfillment, you know which products move the needle and which ones don’t. You also get increased visibility through your storefront to where orders are in the fulfillment process.

Ecommerce allows key accounts access to data, assets, and the ability to convert those to a cohesive marketing campaign that will add brand value, increase customer engagement, and grow the business. To adapt quickly, it’s key to choose an eCommerce platform that’s both easy to use and allows for seamless communication between your online store and your marketing / fulfillment team.

Tecra has the tools that will keep your team in the loop with an eCommerce platform that automates marketing efforts. Your storefronts can be configured with brand guidelines and a powerful administrator interface that provides granular system configuration with integrated workflows and approvals.

Retail isn’t dying, it’s transforming

Customers are finding you in different ways – online, instore, seasonal and pop-ups. Being able to adapt and respond gives you more economic fluency. Tecra has solutions that make connecting with your customers much easier and relevant.

Omnichannel marketing is essential for your eCommerce storefront because it helps you to create a positive experience for the customer at every stage of their purchasing lifecycle, reduce churn, and build a positive reputation for the brand.

AccuConnect, our flagship ecommerce platform has transformed several enterprises and can do the same for you. AccuConnect’s e-commerce capabilities include flexible shopping cart, multiple payment options (credit card, PayPal, Co-op, PO and cost centers), carrier integration, and shipment tracking to name a few. Built-in connectors are available for several 3rd party systems, including XMPie, CHILI Publish,, Quadient, Accuzip, AccuData, USADATA, Google Maps, and many more.

AccuConnect lets you manage custom cross-media marketing campaigns easily. Digital technology delivers a unified, attractive and personalized experience to customers across all channels and platforms.

AccuConnect helps you understand your customer purchasing behavior, the challenges they face while shopping, how they interact with the brand across each channel, and the devices they use to shop. This data will help you identify the right touch-points and focus on strengthening them and connecting them to make it a seamless and tailor-made experience for your customers. It will also help you to identify the common issues that customers face and create a viable solution for them.

Schedule a demo today! We can show you how to expand your ecommerce capabilities.