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Strategy For Business

What’s Your B2B and B2C Strategy?

April 15 2022 | By Rod Lowe | Blog

As the world continues to navigate its way through a global health crisis, it’s safe to say buying habits and how you communicate with customers have changed. It’s never been more important to personalize the customer experience. Connecting and selling through graphic and digital marketing has become a valuable asset whether your customer is a consumer or a business.

Some effects on the graphic communications market are:

  • Retail is about half of the spend pre-pandemic
  • How our new consumers interacted with us has changed
  • Customers are younger and online driven
  • QR Codes and Augmented Reality are becoming mainstream

Businesses need to have both B2B and B2C strategies that incorporate innovating products that can be manufactured and that usually follow a niche theme.

Let’s start with B2B

Your key accounts want a way to buy and estimate jobs on their timeline and without human interaction; storefronts used to be a nice-to-have option, they are now required if you want to be considered a key supplier. The days of back and forth manual interactions are gone; these take valuable time that an overstretched workforce does not have. Everything needs to be automated and available 24/7.

From a business owner’s point of view, you can manage more people with less staff because simple orders requests are processed using technology and complex orders are handled with minimum human interaction.

Add an asset portal, and now you are creating traction for a broad base of users. With single sign-on, users don’t need to manage multiple passwords. Issues like these are at the front of your customer’s minds. Technology can be additive and also predictive, the ones that use it increase their efficiency and allow fewer people to do more—a common goal of most service providers.


This has been traditionally a market overlooked by print industry, mainly because it forces you to build innovation teams in your business to develop new niche products. Most service providers wait to be instructed on what to produce. However, with an optimal B2C strategy, you can offer products with value to a targeted audience and market directly to them.

Today’s savvy consumers demand a storefront that is well-designed with an easy to use interface. They expect features such as inline product personalization, ecommerce capabilities and a multitude of products to choose from.

Over the years, you have accumulated a vast catalog of products that you built for your B2B customers. You can repackage the majority of those products and offer them to your B2C customers with the capability to personalize them.

In order to make both sides of your strategy profitable, you need a solution that can go from web to print and deliver to your customer seamlessly. Figuring this out can be a challenge with the internal resources in your business today. That’s where a trusted advisor like Tecra can provide the necessary technology and expertise in offering a world-class solution.

State the challenge

Let the Tecra team evaluate where you are now and where you want to be. An onsite audit can be helpful; it can provide a roadmap of change and a budget to make the change. Plus, implementation and cultural transition can be assisted in the proposal.

Along with having a powerful platform in AccuConnect, Tecra has 16 years of experience building technology solutions in the print and marketing arena. Request a demo or information about an onsite audit. You will thank us for it.