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Sales Engagement

Brand Control and asset distribution

There’s no limit to the number of assets your brand or your customers might generate and without proper version control and compliance management, you risk the cost and embarrassment of unfinished, unapproved or legacy material being published. We understand that your brand is your greatest asset and creating brand control depends on protecting approved assets and our platform allows you to have asset management that goes from mission-critical into mission accomplished. We have your back to make sure your brand equity and asset management is controlled.

Asset management

Organizing marketing collateral doesn’t begin at campaign launch – it starts with asset design.Our brand asset management platform is designed to make it easy for you to maintain comprehensive digital assets for your brand and take the confusion and complexity out of managing even the largest collection of digital assets. This ensures that all brand assets are stored securely, retrieved easily, and managed to avoid duplication and confusion so valuable files no longer go missing, saving the time and expense of duplicating them. We partner with you to bring your brand into the future of digital asset management.

CRM Integration

Gain oversight into client relationships, manage interactions, and deliver a modern experience for your clients and staff while managing customer accounts and workflows. Our global team works with you to harness the power of our software platforms and integrate them with your CRM and legacy back-end systems providing lights out automation.

Integrate with CRM tools such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Netsuite, and others to seamlessly connect the CRM data for recipient list – prospects, customers, etc. Track and provide feedback to the CRM system from our platform. Customers can maintain data in their CRM system and use it seamlessly for managing campaigns in our system.

Direct mail and Digital Marketing

Direct mail should be a key component of your omnichannel strategy because not all consumers can be reached digitally; you can use direct mail to balance your online efforts without product design online tools. We are driving the new age of ecommerce marketing. Our state-of-the-art solutions makes direct mail and digital marketing as easy as possible. 

Our omnichannel strategy includes both print and digital for the most effective approach and highest engagements. It allows you to move budget around efficiently, flight up and down different channels as they become more or less important, and test new ones.  This marketing approach adds a superior level of service for your client that allows them to connect with their customers.



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