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Technology Advisor

Need for a Trusted Technology Advisor

June 03 2022 | By Rod Lowe | Blog

You have a business to run and in all probability, building technology is not your core competency. Given the current trend towards technology-driven business models, you need someone with ample technology and business expertise to help you navigate through the maze of available systems and find the right solution that fits your need.

Why a trusted advisor

The reality is there is not a single marketing technology that fits all of a customer’s needs. Every business is unique, and a one-size-fits-all solution is a misnomer. In a constantly evolving market with rapidly changing technologies, having a trusted partner that helps navigate the technical and business challenges of today and tomorrow is essential to the success of all marketing toolboxes.

Becoming a trusted advisor doesn’t happen overnight. Building trust comes from demonstrating and providing value over time. A true advisor asks questions about what’s happening within their customer’s company, where are their pain points, what are the bottlenecks that introduce latency and what the issues are that are keeping them up at night.

Developing durable and long-lasting relationships with customers and their stakeholders is the primary objective. Providing customers with personalized service that dramatically increase value to their customers, proves their investment is providing maximum dividends.

Why Tecra?

Tecra takes a holistic approach by working side-by-side with the customer’s marketing & leadership team, other involved partners and service providers to make their branded marketing services and storefronts stand out in a crowded marketplace. With over 17 years of experience, Tecra has built and continues to develop tools that increase marketing utilization, create marketing campaigns, designs, graphics, content, workflows, and make them easy to personalize and execute.

Our consultative approach provides an independent perspective on marketing technologies and focuses on creating value and trust before offering a solution. The objective is to build a relationship by providing the right advice, products, and services.

Customers quickly realize that our powerful and configurable applications are well worth their financial and human capital investments. The solutions we provide are highly adaptable and alleviate the frustration of staffing shortages that are common in the current environment.

As a Brand Manager, Printshop CEO or someone responsible for ensuring all customer communications are on point and timely, working with Tecra will free you from the headaches of technology by enabling you to focus on what you do best: Create and Communicate.