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Marketing Shouldn’t Be a Silo

March 10 2023 | By Rod Lowe | Blog

Most organizations have a collection of enterprise software systems that, in many cases, function in silos with no connections to each other. These systems are likely legacy platforms that still do their jobs adequately, but not optimally.

This is particularly true of marketing automation, a technology in which companies have been investing for some time. Automating this important task is well and good, but if your marketing tech stack isn’t connected and integrated with your CRM, MIS, and ERP systems, the returns on that investment can be disappointing. Your operation will not function as efficiently as it can, and you’ll probably witness lackluster results.

Integrating disparate systems, and particularly marketing automation, produces benefits for any organization, but sometimes it takes a specialized team to fully realize all the advantages such integration can deliver. Tecra’s Professional Services Group can be a valuable resource.

Better Data

Accurate, real-time data leads to better and more informed business decisions. When your systems are integrated, it’s possible to input information once, update or correct it, reduce duplication, increase accuracy, and share data among relevant departments so that everyone is working from the same data source.

When you eliminate silos, customer profiles become more complete, and analysis more accurate. Shared data between the sales and marketing teams generates a more comprehensive picture of who customers are, where they are, and what speaks to their interests.

Better Analysis

CRMs may gather data, but marketing systems interpret it. Integrating the gathering capability of the CRM and the analytical power of a marketing automation system will enable the marketing department to create more effective campaigns and arm the sales force with better insights for closing a deal.

Integrated systems also mean the sales and marketing staff can speak with the same voice as they send synchronized and complementary messages to clients or prospects based on shared triggers. Nothing creates doubt in the mind of a customer like contradictory or incorrect information coming from different sources. Consistent messaging is a better experience for customers.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Entering data multiple times or searching for data manually in various systems is not efficient. It takes time, increases costs, and results in inferior customer service. Rather than spending time managing data, your staff can concentrate on leads and closing deals. Integration may also extend the life of legacy systems that may run their course if allowed to continue to operate separately.

Tecra Professional Services

Tecra and our team of experts offer advanced integration services between your relevant software and AccuConnect, our marketing asset management system, and AccuLync, our print buying and process management solution. Our professional services team helps you get the most from your investment.

If you need us, we can create and manage consistent customer communications across print and digital platforms. Our software supports various composition tools like XMPie, Chili Publish, and Pageflex, giving you access to professionally built templates and communications tools to reach your audience with fully personalized campaigns. Software from Tecra can easily target by location, demographics, buying history, and many other criteria.

Our customers often lack the resources to handle critical marketing integration projects. That’s where Tecra’s professional services group can step in to assist. We’re experienced with ecommerce templates that work with third-party platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce and others; access to multiple payment options; kitting and fulfillment execution; address validation and mail pre-sorting capabilities to reduce the cost of distribution; web-to-print integration; and tracking dashboards that generate real-time data. We’ll help you design and install your online storefront, too!

We’ve also developed integrations with many ERP, CRM and other systems that are cloud based and may require unique sign-in credentials to log in and access your data. It’s possible to access and exchange data in real time regarding security, inventory levels, invoicing, prospecting, or specific offers.

Your clients are constantly raising the bar on the level of service they will accept. Integrating software systems is one crucial way to ensure you can always rise to the challenge.