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Marketing Asset Management

We try not to reinvent the wheel. If there is a complementary product that enhances our platform capabilities, we will incorporate it rather than build.  We offer a wide variety, email delivery providers, payment gateways, shipping carriers, mailing software, etc.

Variable Composition Tools

Composition systems often form the core infrastructure to variable and transaction print workflows. With our tools and experience, we empower organizations to communicate better with their customers. You can create and manage consistent and engaging customer experiences across the full spectrum of our print and digital composition tools.

  • Support tools such as XMPie, Chili Publish, Pageflex and others
  • Automated PDF print workflow with imposition


Businesses increasingly rely on a variety of web-based tools, mobile apps, and locally hosted software solutions to deliver value as part of basic, day-to-day workflows. Your ERP, CRM, marketing analytics, and other essential business tools may all be cloud-based applications and each of those solutions require unique, individual log-in credentials in order to access your company’s data. We have developed custom integrations with a wide range of ERP, CRM, and Single sign-on (SSO) solutions to provide seamless interaction and real-time data exchange. Everything from security to available inventories – invoicing – prospecting – customer specific offers – is handled using these integrations.

Legacy Systems

Your legacy system may be outdated and difficult to manage, and not integrated with other solutions that your business uses yet is vital to workflow processes within your organization. Instead of creating more work for your team, we connect them instead of replacing what’s in your existing tech stack. Using our cutting-edge APIs, we tie all of them together so you don’t need to throw away your investment. We can always replace them with the best available if you are ready to sunset them.



8601 Ranch Road 2222. Ste 1- 250
Austin, TX 78730
Phone: (512) 792-5700
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6005 E. Executive Dr.
Westland, MI 48185


8-3-961/B, 5th Floor
Srinagar Colony Main Road
Hyderabad, Telangana 500073, India
Phone: (91) 40 48544449 / (91) 40-48544459

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