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Capital Expense

Diversify Revenue Without Adding Capital Expense

May 02 2022 | By Rod Lowe | Blog

In the current age of communication, complex digital files and printed materials play a role in the vast majority of marketing. Everything from email campaigns, ecommerce websites, mailers, outdoor advertising, signage, and brochures are used to grow your business and compete within your industry.

Building and maintaining printing production is an expensive investment in terms of staff and resources. Businesses that do not have the capital to purchase or lease printing equipment may find outsourcing the best option.

Commercial printers can set themselves apart from others in the industry through diversification. We all want to grow our business in the least expensive way. One way of increasing revenue is by offering more services that you do not manufacture. Through specialization or diversification, the revenue stream increases, and annual growth more than doubles.

It can be a challenge handling all of the moving parts and complexity of setting up and managing trade relationships. This process can reduce the complexity of outsourcing to build market share before you invest in new equipment to manufacture internally through technology adoption.

Technology can be enabled and track costs alongside supply and support spending. With technology, you can manage the outsourcing process on the fly, setting up profit margin, file transfer, and communicating shipping as if it is coming from your facility. It is always better to have revenue-generating before you make the leap into buying more equipment.

The technology does not replace the setup and calibration for quality that needs to take place before you start a relationship with a new partner. Outsourcing to a technology platform removes the friction in managing growth. You gain visibility into your print spending and control costs because your provider is accountable in ways your in-house staff may not be.

This allows you to save money so you can support critical business expansion and future strategic decisions once you identify if the new service with your customer base makes sense.

Every business looks to streamline workflows, increase productivity, and eliminate unnecessary printing redundancies. Outsourcing with print providers can reduce the risks associated with timelines and schedules. A company must consider how valuable complete control and quick turnaround are to them. Most outsourced providers give you access to highly skilled professionals and support your marketing team for a more efficient process to deliver high-quality work quickly.

The other benefit to your bottom line is that you don’t have to incur upgrades, maintenance, services, and supplies.

With Tecra, you partner with a trusted advisor with over 16 years of experience in the print industry. We have built the platform and have the highly skilled professionals you need to create and execute all of your marketing and outsourcing needs. Our flagship platform, AccuConnect allows you to add services to your offering for key accounts and delivers the flexibility to create catalogs of offerings through ecommerce interphase. You can direct incoming orders to different trade vendors, set distribution, and manage profit margins with a few clicks. Your partners will receive approved files electronically in a document transfer.

With AccuConnect features, you can maintain multiple partners by region and have world executed nearest the client but third-party dropship as if it is coming from you. Could be considered an option that has sustainable principles around carbon reduction.

This allows you to keep expenses in check and grow into areas of your business that work for key accounts. In today’s world, most end-users do not worry if you are not manufacturing yourself as long as you can maintain acceptable quality and maintain service times.

Using technology from storefront to file transfer is fast becoming the way to expand into new services with little risk and provide your sales team additional products to sell. The key is owning the distribution and interface.

AccuConnect can also be used for several marketing features such as:

  • Asset Management
  • Advance Personalization
  • Campaign Management
  • Kitting and Fulfilment

With outsourcing, you don’t need to use precious financial resources to buy new equipment. You can add technology solutions that sit between your customer and your workflow software, allowing you to manage new lines of business and build a known revenue base before you acquire and start manufacturing yourself.

Ask for a demo on outsourcing using AccuConnect.