Content Management

Easily create myriad versions of documents and view online proofs with sample data. A powerful content editing tool enables you to manage text and graphic content. A full-fledged Digital Asset Management (DAM) system helps you manage the digital assets.

CCMConnect enables you to define kits and their corresponding components. Data-driven kit selection criteria and business rules can be specified for building complex kits.

Security & Compliance

We utilize industry standard TLS encryption for securing all communications between the servers and web browser. The system has several options such as roles, groups and privileges to manage user access. It supports various single sign-on (SSO) implementations including SAML, LDAP and MS Active Directory.

CCMConnect lets you track service level agreements (SLA) and can flag for non-conformity. It supports 100% package and ship verification, and tracks data from receipt to shipping.

Business Rules Engine

CCMConnect supports complex business rules that can be utilized across campaigns, kits and documents. Business rules are centrally managed and custom workflow processes can be configured to handle their approvals.

Business rule changes are automatically tracked and a detailed audit report is available to Auditors. The impact of changes to business rules can be viewed in real time even before they are released to production.

Document Proofing

For each document versioned, an online proof with multiple records can be generated after selecting or uploading a sample recipient list. You can compare this proof with earlier ones to easily validate and QC the changes that you made.

Versioned documents flow through custom approval workflows and will be released into production only after they are approved. You can setup specific timeframes for deploying the approved documents.

Full-Cycle Workflow

Our user-friendly web interface provides an intuitive way to configure your campaigns, define data structures and document versions, build business rules and test the entire workflow before going live.

Older documents and versions can be archived to comply with your data retention requirements. The communications archival system can be securely accessed by your CSRs for handling customer inquiries.

Scalable Web-Based Solutions

CCMConnect incorporates a blazing fast composition engine that can be scaled both horizontally and vertically to accommodate millions of pages of composition on a daily basis. The platform can be easily enhanced to not only support custom functionality but also to integrate with third party software.

You have the option to either subscribe to our SAAS offering or purchase a license and host the software at your preferred hosting location.

Tracking & Reporting

CCMConnect provides timely, accurate and detailed reporting that you need. It has a powerful and intuitive dashboard that presents a birds-eye view of all the system processes.

Using Job Center’s intuitive user interface, you can easily schedule, monitor and track jobs. Support for reprints and file batching is inherent to the system.