Healthcare Content Management & Delivery


The call came in early on a Sunday morning; the Tecra client on the other end of the line had an urgent problem and wanted to meet for breakfast right away. When he arrived at the restaurant, he immediately dumped a huge stack of documents on the table.

The Good News

They had just signed a 5-year, multi–million dollar deal to support all the customer communications needs of a major health insurance provider – Welcome Kits, Summary of Benefits forms and other critical customer documents.

The size of the program was huge – millions of variable data pieces printed and mailed every day, from multiple data feeds. There were complex issues to be solved, like how to compile and print a personalized directory of all participating providers and pharmacies within 5 miles of the recipient.

The Bad News

The client didn’t think they were going to win this deal, and now they were under the gun. They needed to present an outline of their solution to the customer in less than 24 hours!

Working through the day, the Tecra team quickly diagrammed a solution that would meet the customer’s strict requirements, and then meet with the customer on Monday morning.

Over fifty people were waiting to review the proposal – the insurance provider’s senior management, production specialists, equipment and software vendors. The customer loved the presentation and Tecra was awarded the contract the same week.



Support high composition rates with personalized messaging to each recipient. Geo–coded directories and complex kitting requirements need to be handled.


Advanced content versioning and handling of complex business rules. Content approvals with personalized approval workflows.


High visibility to composition and fulfillment workflows by utilizing dashboards and reports. SLA and Compliance Management with detailed audit trail.


Working with Xerox, Oce, Infoprint and others, in three months, Tecra custom-built a cutting–edge content management system with an extremely fast composition engine in the backend that provides AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) print output.

Through distributed computing infrastructure, Tecra’s solution enables the efficient processing of hundreds of thousands of individual data file records every day. The system uses a highly scalable Linux cluster, minimizing both software licensing and hardware costs.

Within three months, Tecra had the system up and running on schedule and within budget. The system performed flawlessly day after day, month after month. The customer saved several hundred thousand dollars yearly by selecting Tecra solutions instead of a competing proposal from a major print OEM.