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Patient Marketing


In order to serve their clients better and maximize the ROI on expensive medical devices like CAT scans, hospitals must raise awareness among local patients of their capabilities to provide time sensitive services like mammograms or dialysis.

A leading provider of medical consulting services recently engaged Tecra to design a process that would effectively use the information it has compiled about patients, outcomes, and profitability to enable hospitals to generate specific targeted messages to new and existing customers.



Highly personalized messaging based on patient geography, demographics and health conditions.


Use both print and digital channels to disseminate the communications and track the responses.


Protect the confidential patient data and use it to proactively engage with patients and increase the awareness of preventive care.


Tecra’s team worked closely with all business stakeholders to design a comprehensive solution that achieved everyone’s goals. Starting with AccuConnect, the premier platform for cross media marketing, Tecra quickly developed a system customized to their exact requirements, minimizing both costs and time to market.

Member hospitals now use the system to deliver relevant messages to patients sorted by demographics like age, gender and medical history. Campaigns are highly rules-based, with built–in business logic to ensure that recipients only receive messages from affiliated local hospitals.

Content is collaboratively designed in a secure online application, using templates created by the hospital’s marketing agency that preserve brand identity while enabling areas of personalization. AccuConnect connects the templates to target lists and other databases of customer information, and delivers the final product to the XMPie composition engine for output to multiple channels.

If you can dream it, Tecra can make it happen

Helping solve complex business problems is what Tecra does best. We understand that the solutions that fit your circumstances are usually the most valuable, so we listen closely and apply what we learn to help you get where you want to go.

Tecra strives to create an environment that fosters close collaboration with our clients. Our methodology builds customer feedback into the solution development process, ensuring we stay completely aligned to your needs.



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