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Automate Print Production

Automate Print Production with Tecra and HP SiteFlow

February 10 2023 | By Rod Lowe | Blog

SiteFlow from Hewlett-Packard is a device-agnostic platform that brings workflow and production automation to printing companies. It also works perfectly with the Tecra AccuConnect™ and AccuLync™ systems to form a complete marketing and production ecosystem.

Use the AccuConnect storefront to enable your clients’ field salespeople and marketing teams to build and order materials for their marketing campaigns. Our platform consolidates orders and streamlines production so you can offer competitive pricing and excellent service to corporate clients. The software also assists with kitting and fulfillment, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks and record-keeping activities.

When advanced personalization is required, AccuLync steps in to offer personalization capabilities to your online storefront. No longer will it be necessary to require clients to order personalized materials through a separate system. AccuLync brings it all together under one customer-facing platform.

Tecra and SiteFlow Working Together

Once orders are captured in AccuConnect, HP SiteFlow tracks the production and distribution activities. You will always know what work is in progress, when jobs are completed, and what tasks are waiting for resources.

HP SiteFlow’s workflow and production capabilities automate the steps in the print production process. This includes preparing files for print, scheduling the print jobs, and managing inventory and shipping. This automation reduces the time and resources required to complete print jobs, improving production and distribution efficiency.

Increased efficiency is important because the Tecra platforms will help grow your business, including an increased ability for handling short-run orders. Without an automated workflow and production platform, managing more jobs requires more staff, more meetings, and tedious manual record-keeping.

Advanced analytics and reporting tools supplied by HP SiteFlow help print companies understand their production workflows. They can easily identify bottlenecks and recognize opportunities for process improvements. Besides providing a snapshot of the work currently underway, HP SiteFlow gives printing company managers the data they need to make strategic decisions about their businesses.

Learn more about HP SiteFlow in this informational video:

Customer Experience and Competitive Advantage

HP SiteFlow also enhances the customer experience for your most important corporate clients. Once you grant access to the platform, they can track the status of their orders, helping them coordinate their marketing efforts in multiple channels and across geographic regions. No longer will they need to call or email their print service supplier and wait for an answer about when their ordered materials will be ready.

As a comprehensive platform that can provide end-to-end workflow and production automation for printing companies, HP SiteFlow is a perfect complement to the Tecra products. Its user-friendly interface, scalability, analytics, and production automation capabilities work hand-in-hand with our software to allow a printing company to offer large corporate clients the functionality and services they demand.