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Marketing Asset Management

Consolidate marketing on to one platform with our robust asset management system. You can easily create, organize and find digital assets, notify users when new content is available, personalize and consolidate orders to achieve economies of scale, and integrate the supply chain for advanced kitting and fulfillment. Be more productive and bring together your team, including sales teams, dealers, agents, creatives, and agencies.

 We make it easy for you to manage your marketing assets so your team can work smarter.


Sales Prospects

Broaden your marketing reach with the AccuConnect sales enablement platform. Connect salespeople with the largest sources of consumer and business data so they can make the best decisions possible. 

AccuConnect enables precise targeting based on location, demographics, lifestyle, purchase behavior, occupation, and more. Give your team the tools they need to be successful and close deals.

Sell Higher Margin Services - Accelerate Growth

Advanced Personalization

Hitting the right target and delivering the right message to each prospect every time, regardless of device, requires leveraging demographics, data, including purchase history and behavior.

By using AccuConnect you can create impactful marketing that provides extensive personalization while still enabling marketing managers to control the brand image.

Campaign Management

AccuConnect campaign management allows you to create consistent brand and campaign themes, and target a specific outcome. 

Our powerful program gives marketers the ability to create events that are time or trigger-based which allows your sales team to easily access these events and leverage them to move prospects through the funnel. With all your branded marketing in one place your team can work more effectively and stay one message.

Kitting & Fulfillment

Create eye-catching product promotions that make a lasting impression. You can create pre-event packages, marketing kits with personalized notes, collaterals, promotional items, product samples, and more. From ordering through kit assembly, packaging, fulfillment, and distribution, our platform ensures that your materials look exactly as you envisioned. Use kitting to take your marketing efforts to the next level.


AccuConnect’s eCommerce web to print integration enables the platform to work with 3rd party marketing service providers and manage all the information connected with orders, customers, products, shipments, baskets, categories, taxes easily.

AccuConnect’s eCommerce capabilities include multiple payment options (credit card, PayPal, PO, and cost centers), carrier integration, and shipment tracking.Integrate payment processes with CO-OP and/or MDF to gain greater fund utilization by franchisees, retailers, or other sales channels.

Dashboards & Tracking

You can’t make marketing decisions unless you know the how past campaigns performed. Our dashboard and tracking platform allows you to capture data continuously to understand utilization, including what is being used, by whom, and where. It provides easy access to critical information to ensure visibility and enable better decision making.

Production managers can easily schedule, track, and monitor jobs, and AccuConnect provides 100% package and ship verification.



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