Cross Media Campaigns

AccuConnect platform has most powerful web storefront that supports both print and digital media and provides a unified ordering interface. Digital capabilities include email, SMS, personalized URLs and video; call tracking numbers and social media.

In addition to placing adhoc orders, the platform helps you create, manage, deliver and track automated cross-media campaigns with multiple drops that can span over several months.


Whether print or digital, the communications are totally personalized to the recipient based on sophisticated business rules and segmentation. Data-driven personalization reduces the number of distinct product templates that need to be set up in the system.

From simple business cards to sophisticated direct mail pieces, from rich-media emails to targeted text messages, the content is scrupulously personalized to obtain outstanding response rates.


AccuConnect offers a flexible and easy-to-use online shopping cart that supports advanced features such as integrated shipping and mailing, coupons and discounts, split shipping and partial checkout.

Several payment types including credit cards, PayPal, PO numbers, Cost centers, Co-op funds and monthly billing are available in the platform and can be configured based on your requirements.

Target Lists

AccuConnect was the first marketing storefront to offer seamless online prospect list acquisition and use the list to drive direct mail and email campaigns. It is seamlessly integrated with list providers such as AccuData, USADATA, Experian, V12 for procuring both consumer and business lists.

You can quickly purchase a list by specifying your required geographic and demographic criteria and checking out from the shopping cart. You also have the option to upload your own list residing in varied file formats.

Custom Storefronts

Storefronts can easily be configured based on your customer’s branding guidelines. Our CSS-driven frontend framework supports personalized look and feel and supports both B2B and B2C storefronts.

You can have multiple customers residing on the same system but logically isolated with unique layouts, products, user groups, pricing and login requirements.

Mailing & Shipping

We are the pioneers in incorporating postal automation into the mailingworkflow. AccuConnect facilitates inline CASS, Presort, NCOA and mail.dat capabilities to optimize your mailing costs.

Major shipping carriers such as USPS, UPS and FedEx are seamlessly integrated into AccuConnect for obtaining accurate shipping costs. All shipments can be tracked in the system at an order or item level.

Production Automation & Analytics

The order approval, composition and fulfillment processes are totally automated in AccuConnect. The system has custom dashboards and insightful reports to provide accurate and timely information. This data can be exported into other formats for further processing.

Our sophisticated response tracking mechanism not only monitors your communication responses, but will also help alter your message and/or channels based on the response rates.